Much Wenlock Altar Servers  


Altar servers assist the priest at the altar during the Eucharist; it’s a real privilege to serve our Lord in this way. 

What do they do?

Servers work as part of a serving team. Team work is an important part of serving at the altar and servers have different roles within the team.

Some of the roles are:

Acolyte - Acolytes carry the candle-torches. They work in pairs and escort the crucifer. 

Crucifer - The Crucifer carries the big cross and leads processions in church.

Thurifer - 

On special occasions we use incense - one of the servers will be responsible for the thurible. This server is called the thurifer.

We are really keen to built up a team of young servers to assist at our 9.30am services - Being a server doesn't mean you have to come every Sunday!!

The team welcomes trainee servers from the age of seven upwards. 

How can I find out more?

If you’d like more information contact 

Brendon Quinn on 01952 727632  


Fr Matthew on 01952 727396