Bell Ringers

Ringers 2023

In brief

Sunday Service Ringing 

9.00am - 9.30am.

Practice night:
Tuesday 7.30pm-9.00 pm

(for the first few weeks of a new learner there may be a variation to this time)

Weʼre raising £25,000 to raise funds for urgently needed maintenance on the bells of Holy Trinity, Much Wenlock.

To help us meet the target click the link below 

Fundraising Appeal

We have eight bells.
Six of these have been in the tower since 1729 and two lighter bells were added in 1931. The heaviest bell is 16 hundredweights and the lightest 5¼ hundredweights.
The local band of ringers fluctuates in number and sometimes we are able to ring with the help of friends from neighbouring towers to whom we are very are very grateful. 

We ring every Sunday before the morning service but also for weddings, for special occasions and for ringers' pleasure and practice

At Much Wenlock you are made very welcome whatever your standard, be it beginner or advanced. It is a hobby which involves being part of a team providing a service to the church, continually learning something new and of course social time outside the tower. Once you have learned the basic technique you will always be made welcome when you visit other towers of which there are more than 5,000 church towers and a small number of secular towers with bells suitable for change ringing in Great Britain. There are also rings of bells hung for the unique art of English change ringing in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Southern Africa and USA.

How long does it take to learn? This is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string - it can take a few weeks or a few months. You can be tall, short, old, young, male, female, musical or non-musical. The basic skill lies in being able to control a bell that rotates full circle using a rope attached to its wheel. People progress at their own pace and there is no pressure.
The country is split into areas which have Associations or Guilds of bellringers. There are regular meetings where you can join others to practise the art at any level and enjoy fellowship and socialising wherever you may be.

At Much Wenlock we belong to the Hereford Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers and we often host the local district meetings - sometimes just for ringing and sometimes these also include a short service and the ever popular ringers' tea.