Proposed Changes in Condover Deanery 2020

Dear Member of the Wenlock Group of Parishes,

The time has come to share with you the thoughts of the Condover Deanery Clergy Chapter and Synod, with regards to the future deployment of stipendiary clergy throughout the Deanery of Condover. We are at consultation stage and we are wanting this to be a bottom up process with full transparency. For me it is important to be proactive not reactive and I've never been one to avoid the big issues that confront us.

Proverbs talks about without vision you perish. We are endeavouring to capture God's Vision for mission and ministry in our area at large and hope change will be embraced for the sake of not only our own parishes but the Deanery as a whole, if we are to seriously grow the Kingdom in this place.

I should make it known I fully support what is being proposed as it focuses first and foremost on the Parishes that we as clergy are called to serve, as well as sharing our gifts and talents throughout the Deanery at large. Most importantly what is being proposed is about securing pastoral and financial sustainability both now and in the future.

Please feel free to feedback your views to either myself or the Rural Dean. It is my intention to give a personal presentation of how I see things at the Team Council Meeting on Wednesday 6th November.

With my prayerful good wishes,

Matthew Stafford (Revd)