The Church

Much Wenlock Parish Church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and is a place made sacred by lives and prayers for more than 1300 years. The first church on this site was Anglo-Saxon, built probably about AD 680.
The present nave pictured below was built in 1150 by the cluniac monks of Wenlock Priory.



The church is open daily during daylight hours for visitors and for private prayer.

The + Blessed Sacrament + is reserved in the Lady Chapel

We also have a dedicated area for private prayer with a candle stand and prayer board for you to leave your prayer for others to offer



Reordering at the west end of the nave has provided us with an 'all-ability' entrance, meeting room, toilet, baby changing facilities and a kitchen area.

We hope you will take the opportunity to join with our regular congregations
at this and other churches in the
Wenlock Team.

             Icon of the Virgin and Child above the candle stand
and the well used prayer board.
Paper, pens and candles are provided.